Important Safety Tips for Scuba Diving

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Michael Schamis is a member of the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI). Diving since the age of 13, Michael Schamis became an instructor at 18, the youngest age that PADI grants certification.

Scuba diving provides a unique opportunity to view a natural environment that individuals might not otherwise get to see. To fully enjoy a dive, divers should follow a few basic safety rules.

First-time divers should consult with a medical professional prior to diving. Some dive operators require individuals to provide proof that they have been medically cleared for a dive. All divers should refrain from diving if they are suffering from a cold or a migraine.

Divers should conduct extensive research into a dive school before they schedule a dive. A diver’s best preparations can be wasted by a careless dive operator.

Most importantly, divers should never dive alone. The buddy system begins above the surface with a buddy check of diving equipment.

Once the dive has started, buddies should keep one another within sight at all times. Divers who follow the buddy system are less likely to get separated from the dive group or otherwise find themselves in a hazardous diving scenario.