Pippin Revival on Broadway

Michael Schamis possesses diverse experience in areas such as newspaper photography editing, business development, and consulting services. He has worked with companies such as 5W Public Relations, Empire Divers, and MarketCounsel. In his free time, Michael Schamis enjoys attending Broadway shows in New York.

New York theatregoers can see the first Broadway revival of Stephen Schwartz’s musical Pippin at the Music Box Theatre through January 4th, 2015. Directed by Diane Paulus, this production has already earned four Tony Awards, including one for Best Musical Revival, and it includes fantastic acrobatics and Bob Fosse-style choreography.

The musical Pippin presents the story of a young prince named Pippin who seeks adventure by going to war. However, he meets a troupe of acrobatic performers, and the Leading Player convinces him to kill his father, King Charles, and seize the throne. Repenting, Pippin beseeches the Leading Player to restore his father to life, which she does. This leaves Pippin to choose between living a peaceful life with the widow Catherine with whom he fell in love or to continue on with the magical troupe of acrobats.


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