Braciole Alla Marinara – an Italian Classic

A sales associate at Mister Wright Fine Wines & Spirits, Michael Schamis enjoys traveling the world and exploring different cuisines. He has visited Jamaica, Anguilla, and France. Additionally, Michael Schamis and his wife have traveled to Tuscany, where he got to experience Italian food firsthand. Now he tries to recreate the flavors at home.

From pasta to veal and tomatoes to olive oil, Italian fare comes in various forms, one of which is the Italian classic braciole alla marinara. Also known as rolled stuffed meat in tomato sauce, this dish can be prepared with veal or beef. The meat, seasoned with garlic and fresh chopped basil, is filled with a mix of toasted pine nuts, raisins, hard-cooked eggs, and parmigiano reggiano cheese. Rolled up tightly, the meat, now referred to as braciole, stays secure while cooking with the use of kitchen twine.

The tomato-based sauce typically offers hints of basil or oregano. However, notable chefs like Sal Marzilli of Joe Marzilli’s Old Canteen in Rhode Island omit the herbs all together and heighten the sauce’s flavor by adding it to the pan in which the braciole was browned. A wooden spoon is used to scrape up the browned bits and incorporate them into the sauce. The pot is then covered with the sauce and bundles of meat within, and it simmers on medium-high heat for hours, until tender and ready to serve.


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